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The “Log” page displays an event log containing the events that have occurred in the system.

To go to the “Log” page, click on the corresponding item in the main menu.

Страница “Log”

The “Log” page consists of the following items:

  1. “Refresh” button — updates the event log;
  2. “Filter” button — adds event filters:
    • “Update time” — filtering by the date of the event;
    • “Event” — filtering by the event type;
    • “Type” — filtering by the sample type;
    • “ID” — filtering by the sample ID;
    • “Uid” — filtering by the sample Uid;
    • “Status” — filtering by the sample status;
    • “Username” — filtering by the user;
    • “Comments” — filtering by the comments for events;
  3. “Clear event log” button — clears the event log;
  4. Event log.

The event log contains the following tables:

  1. “Update time”;
  2. “Event”;
  3. “Type”;
  4. “Id”;
  5. “Uid”;
  6. “Status”;
  7. “Username”;
  8. “Comments”.

Сортировка по столбцу «Размер»

To sort by column, hover over the selected column, click on the drop-down list icon and select the sorting option: “Sort asc”, “Sort desc”.